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The Selfless Giving of Your Time

Hospice volunteers are an integral part of Minnesota Hospice’s Interdisciplinary Team. Every volunteer is provided with education and training to best prepare them for their position. With a wide array of available positions, tasks can be patient care-related or non-patient care related. No previous medical experience is required.

Available Positions:

Caring Companion: The Caring Companion supports patients with terminal illnesses and their families in their home setting, whether that be: their personal home, assisting living facility, or skilled nursing facility.

Veteran Support: The Veteran Support Volunteer is any person that has served in the military, in any position. Veteran Support Volunteers support fellow veterans with terminal illnesses and their families in their home setting, whether that be: their personal home, assisting living facility, or skilled nursing facility.

Vigil Companion: The Vigil Companion is trained to be at the bedside of an actively dying patient when the family cannot be present. Simply sitting with the patient and/or family, holding hands, offering time for reminiscing, and simply sharing silence can make such a difference in a difficult time.

Bereavement Support: The Bereavement Support Volunteer provides support to families and caregivers during the bereavement period following the death of a Hospice patient. The Bereavement Support Volunteer work in close contact with the Bereavement Coordinator.

Administrative Support: The Administrative Support Volunteer supports Minnesota Hospice’s administrative team with an array of day-to-day administrative duties.

Compassionate Crafting: Use your love of crafting to brighten the day of hospice patients! Needs vary from making and writing cards for patients, to making lap blankets, and so much more all from the comfort of your home, in your own time!

Baked with Love: Take your love of baking and use it to brighten the day of hospice patients! Volunteers who participate in this program bake goodies and treats from the comfort of their own kitchen, in their own time!

Time commitment:

We understand that every volunteer has different needs and requirements when it comes to their volunteer schedule. Minnesota Hospice works with every volunteer to meet both their needs and the needs of our patients. We ask volunteers to plan for 5-8 hours monthly. One-year commitments are encouraged, but not required.


 Must be 18 years or older (unless otherwise specified).

 Requirements for all volunteer positions:


 Candidates should plan for approximately 18 hours of training. In this time, you will be prepared to help provide care for patients and their families. Training is a mixture of in-class and in-field training. Monthly continuing education opportunities provided as well.

The application and screening process could take up to four weeks.

Minnesota Hospice is proud to be partnered with the We Honor Veterans Program.

Interested in Volunteering?

Download an application here. Fill out and fax to Minnesota Hospice at 952.898.4006 or scan to

Volunteer Application


Amanda, Companion – Volunteering with Minnesota Hospice has been a wonderful, enriching experience. The Volunteer Coordinator, Sonya, diligently works to coordinate the best care for patients while ensuring that volunteers are comfortable and well trained. The whole team is friendly and a joy to work with. I am grateful to be a part of a team that has such a profound footprint in the community.

Loreen, Companion – I am a veteran hospice volunteer – new to this area. After moving here two years ago, I did research on all the programs available and decided on Minnesota Hospice. My involvement with Minnesota Hospice has been very positive. I enjoy being part of a team that is devoted to meeting the needs of those at end of life with compassion and integrity.

Shannon, Baker – Baking with MN Hospice brings my family and me much joy! I’m thankful for another avenue to serve others and know we are spreading our own joy to those who need it most!

Mitzi, Baker – Over the years, I have had multiple volunteer opportunities, however lending my services as a volunteer baker for Minnesota Hospice has been by far, the most rewarding.  Right from the start, I felt a strong sense of belonging and although my work is done on a very part-time basis, I feel that what I do makes a difference in the lives of our hospice clients and their families.  I am thrilled that in a small way, my efforts help contribute to the success of a very passionate and committed team and organization.

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All people deserve love, compassion, and dignity at end-of-life. At Minnesota Hospice, we strive to empower people to live life as fully as possible on their terms. Our team is filled with experienced professionals dedicated to walking with you during this part of life’s sacred journey. We provide the highest level of hospice care possible to help people find meaning, purpose, love, and beauty in living before departing life peacefully.

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