Grief Self-Guided Resources

Self-Guided Grief Resources for Hospice Care

Minnesota Hospice’s care team offers self-guided grief resources. Check back often as we add content periodically.



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Benevolent Universe

Today’s focus is having faith in the universe. I say, why not.

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Get Me Through the “New Year”

People look forward to the new year since it can represent a new beginning or a chance for one to do better than in the previous twelve months.

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When Death Becomes Life and Love Conquers All

I couldn’t believe the words that were ringing in my ears as the doctor told us in the presence of our mother that she had 12 to 18 months to live.

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When the Caregiver Wants More for the Care-Receiver

Often times we are caught up in the caregiving scenario that seems to bring demands on us and what may seem to be, ungratefulness.




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Healing with Harmony

You may feel uneasy about family disturbances today and powerless to do anything about them. Your concern for loved ones in trouble may urge you to take on their burdens, or you might experience conflicts that seem to have no solution.

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Meditation for Benevolence

Breath…center…release any care, worry or concern of yesterday, this moment or tomorrow. Just let go of anything that does not bring value to you right here in this sacred space of love and contentment.




Death Is My Adviser Death Is My Adviser (5056 KB)


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