Benevolent Universe

Benevolent Universe

Today’s focus is having faith in the universe. I say, why not?

Have you ever noticed that when you gather the courage to finally say ‘this is what I want,’ your partner and loved ones come running to support you in any way they can? It’s true. That is how I came to be working with all of you beautiful souls.

In order for you to truly desire what your partner or loved one wants, you must also believe we live in a benevolent universe. You have to trust that you will receive support for your dreams and passions, just as you honor those dreams and passions of the people you love. You must feel it at the core of who you are.

When you follow the mantra “I want for you what you want for you,” you trust that your support of others will be reciprocated, directly or indirectly, and find that although unnecessary, your willingness to sacrifice your desires for the sake of theirs makes anything possible in your relationship. It’s the perfect mirror; in fact, we are all mirrors of one another! That is a universal truth. So walk your talk with inspirational discontent — continue seeking what inspires you. I see you…

I want for you what you want for you.

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All people deserve love, compassion, and dignity at end-of-life. At Minnesota Hospice, we strive to empower people to live life as fully as possible on their terms. Our team is filled with experienced professionals dedicated to walking with you during this part of life’s sacred journey. We provide the highest level of hospice care possible to help people find meaning, purpose, love, and beauty in living before departing life peacefully.

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“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

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