Healing with Harmony

Healing with Harmony

You may feel uneasy about family disturbances today and powerless to do anything about them. Your concern for loved ones in trouble may urge you to take on their burdens, or you might experience conflicts that seem to have no solution. You may find it helpful to simply release troublesome situations to the universe and focus only on infusing them with love and harmony today. There is also no better time than the present to bring feelings of harmony to someone else, as this is a gift to self as well. While this may seem ineffective at first glance, your calm and loving attitude will begin to attract more harmonious energy that can soothe frustration and leave a healing balm in its wake. You can also carry this focus further by spending time in visualization, clearly imagining loved ones surrounded by healing energy and harmonious influences.

By focusing on love and harmony in our relationships, we invite more loving and harmonious energy from the universe. When our emotions are tied up in relationship difficulties, it is easy to forget how powerful our thoughts are in resolving problems. Simply by lifting our thoughts above the turmoil and seeking a greater sense of harmony in our own minds, we are able to also call forth more harmonious energy from the universe. Not only does this infuse our relationship connections with a calming influence but it can also help us release resistance and let go of unreasonable expectations. Rather than forcing our relationships to heal, we simply allow them to flow harmoniously to a healthier state. With your thoughts focused firmly on love and harmony, you can initiate a powerful process of healing for your relationships today and each day to come.

Be well and remember… no one can take your peace from you, only you can allow it to be disrupted. Get out of your head and into your heart and the things you look at will most certainly feel differently. All is well in your world and so it is…

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