Meditation for Benevolence

A Guided Meditation for Benevolence

Breathe…center…release any care, worry or concern of yesterday, this moment or tomorrow. Just let go of anything that does not bring value to you right here in this sacred space of love and contentment.

Breathe in and with that breath, release all tensions in your body and prepare a space for spirit to speak to you…and listen. And let my words be your words.

It is here that we connect to the most sacred of relationships, our higher self, spirit our God expression. I invite you to open your hearts to all possibilities. Today is an amazing day — one of discovery and of all possibility. Appreciation, kindness and generosity begin with me. I am that I am. These are attributes that are of me and I begin to find more and more value in expressing them beyond myself.

There is a pure “feeling” …a feeling that resonates as my truth when I find Christ’s Light of Benevolence in all that surrounds my world.

Appreciation softens the heart, kindness opens the heart, and generosity gives expression to that open heart. That which is innate in me can best be discovered by expressing it to others. I feel light and find comfort in the certainty of this serenity.

So today I begin to open myself to this truth into my daily spiritual practice. I am willing to open my empathetic nature. I am willing to give liberally and to give often. I express the willingness to give at every opportunity and oh how good this feels.

There will be times when I will be challenged to be of this practice, of this beautiful expression and I realize that this is simply my relationship with EGO. I see this as yet one more opportunity to Practice Universal Benevolence and I understand in this moment, that this is the true nature of who I really am. Ego is simply allowing me to feel that which does not serve me and I then move toward that feeling which expresses the truth of who I am. To this, I say, “Thank you my friend EGO, and appreciation, kindness, generosity are my closest friends now. For this is how I choose to express my God-self here and now… I leave you at this moment as my “Healthy EGO,” ahhhh yes, and this Feels So Good. Thank you, Spirit for moving me toward that which is my Truth. I feel and I AM whole here.

I now discover the joy of benevolence. My daily spiritual practices encourage me to consider who and what is important to me and I move in this flow. And in my daily meditations, I imagine the faces of those that I know and I bring them into my heart. No matter what the relationship may be and I silently wish them well. I give them a blessing, “May you be happy; May you be healthy; May you be prosperous. I do this with an open heart of love that is pouring forth to all living begins. I visualize myself as a vessel of universal abundance. I feel the lightness of this and the serenity that it holds for me. I feel the warmth of pure love that washes over me. And I desire more of this love, more knowledge, and therefore, more of this wisdom.

I set the intention to be aware of what has value to me and to what and whom I appreciate in my life and I silently say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Throughout my day, I am open to express generosity in some way. I look for new ways to give of my possessions, time, and talents and to truly give myself to my life…. for I am the creator of it all. What a gift I find in this and I am so grateful.

As I bestow kindness unto others, I now know that I Am bestowing kindness to myself. I communicate with as much kindness as possible. I do this because it is my chosen spiritual practice and I feel the truth of who I really am through this expression of self. And I desire more of this in my life. So, I now move toward this empowering expression of my ‘Highest self’…

This may take some practice, and you may not do it perfectly every time… so listen to that still small voice inside, ask spirit to move through you and just do your best, be kind to yourself and simply mirror yourself to the world.

Breathe this into your entire being, every tissue, every cell and every memory that you have ever had in this lifetime…. find your passion in this and your life will change forevermore. You are the light in this world and it awaits your perfect expression to reveal itself more and more every day, every way.

I am that; that I am: be well with this and so it is…

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